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Welcome to Haystack

The smartest way to speed up your day

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Welcome to Haystack

The fastest and most secure
None of your data is stored on our servers. We build a small and fast search engine on your computer, and show you results directly from your cloud accounts.
way to search all your documents, files and browser history in one place.

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Stay in Flow

According to a McKinsey Study, we spend 20% of our day searching for information.

Haystack speeds up this "busy work" so you can get back to the real work.

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A personalized search engine that unites your work

Instantly search across 20+ tools including Drive, Dropbox and Slack with a keyboard shortcut.

What about privacy?

Your data is secure

Security is simple when only you can access your data.

Haystack is a local-only solution.
Nothing is stored on a server.
Built with your privacy in mind.
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With Haystack all I need to do is click and open the folder. Its alot faster than to going through Finder to search.


It's like Spotligh for cloud servers but better. I love having a tool without having to worry about security.


When I used to dig through docs I'd get out of the zone, but Haystack prevents the disruptions in my workflow.

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